Tampa Real Estate Goes Green

With the world in a tizzy over the climate changes and the effect of carbon emissions, what is the latest bug to have bitten people? 'Go Green' seems to sum it up aptly. And Tampa real estate is no different!

Today, Tampa real estate is going green, and how! Let's take a look at some of the top green housing trends that are dictation the real estate market in Tampa region.

Shimmering copper roofs made from copper and copper alloys like brass and bronze are in demand they are being used on roofs, facades, gutters, entranceways, and downspouts. Of course, these pretty copper pieces are expensive, but they are a sensible long-term investment because copper is tolerant to inclement weather. A copper roof installed now will last you, hold your breath, 100 years! But perhaps the best about this metal is that it is fully recyclable.

Doors and windows that absorb heat; Yes, you read it right. Low emittance or Low-E windows and doors and skylights are the latest trend. They block the sun's harmful UV rays that are responsible for heating up the inside of your home, forcing you to reach for the aircon remote. These special Low-E window fittings also prevent your expensive drapes, wallpaper, and precious paintings from fading. Wow!! Just for this, you should get these fitted in your Tampa home. However, make sure that you find out the percentage of sunrays these Low-E doors and windows can block or check the UV label on the glass. Typically, Low-E products block between 70% - 90% of sunlight. And while you are checking, make sure you also check the clarity of the glass used.

Tanks that hold rainwater are great for your Tampa real estate. After rainwater harvesting, rainwater tanks help to capture water when it rains as well as from storm runoffs and help to reduce the burden on your local sewers. Use the collected water to water your yards or flushing your toilets. According to a National Homebuilder Mainstream GreenHome, a 4,000 square-foot rainwater cistern can collect up to 95% storm water that can not only be recycled, reused, but absorbed as well.

In Tampa, green houses are available in some of the new developments such as FishHawk Ranch.